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Hi Im Tom,im 14, a lil over 5'9(yes Justin i am taller than you), blonde hair,green eyes 130 lbs, I am an Individualist, also known as a goth but i dont like that word. I am a skateboarder and a guitar player. Im ok at both so dont ask. My guitar is an Aria Pro 2, its red and white I've been playin since...September or so... I also like to read horror or muder mysteries. I listen to music mostly metal such as Slipknot, Metallica, Static X, Tool, Kittie, and many others. I also like old rock like AC DC, Led Zepplion, Ozzy, Pink Floyd, and others I have a good music collection which I love,it consits of A Perfect Circle through Tool. Theres some old stuff like Blue Oyster Cult and Beatles even. I was an only child for a while but that changed when satan was born into my family aka my sister. I went to a cathiolic school for 5 yrs i hated it they practically threw me out. I am now a student at Jackson High School which believe me is ten times better than any private school. Theres more freedom of expression which is also limited at my home. My parents were raised strict and dont allow me to express myself the way i want to. I have occasionally thought about suicide but i know thats not the way to go. My head consists of many problems such as parents school friends and girlfriends. I have never been to lucky with girls. I hate a few things such as posers, lazy people and draft dodgers(just ask if u dont know). They all piss me off to no end. Well im out later.

hey its like april now and i thought i should update this...well ive had a few gfs and i dont know what i want preety scary but i guess im just getting a head start on whats to come in my future well its still bad but not as bad as it was so im out

hi its june and life is good! ive got a lot of new friends and i love them all.