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My name is Thomas. I am 15 years of age, I try to live a normal life but it just does not happen. Why? Because I'm a "freak, "goth", "punk"...etc. What am I? I dont know...I guess im just a lost soul who likes what i like and could careless what other people think. I dont like labels and i never will. I dont have too many friends, maybe becasue i am mean and an asshole alot but thats their problem. I have rules that i use and wish others would to once you meet me youll find them out reather quick. I like to skateboard but who am i kidding i suck, i try to play the guitar but im no Kurt Cobain ( RIP ), so i just sit on my ass on my computer and i dont care if i dont amount to a hill of beans. Check out the rest of my site to see more of my crappy life.