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people on the street they want to find a god they'll never know organized religion pulls the blinds then they pull the wool they open up your head they're fucking with your mind now you can't see because you're blind you try to make amends but your heads still spinning round the church of jesus christ says it's time don't fuck around you want to go to heaven you see it isn't free give your money up to me

my god is not the one that you wanna to see your god is a mirage a conspiracy you pray for forgiveness cause your sinning scared to death so your money you'll be giving

holier than thou with your one way morality i think your shallow faith isn't based in reality you don't like how were living we're sinful and obscene why are you judging me? you're richer than god but you're crying out for more you're living like a king while you steal from the poor you wanna be forgiven get on your knees and pray send in your cash and be saved better hope you've been chosen to be saved cause your empathy only goes so far today pay no mind to those in pain they just want the souls that are willing to pay their way your god's not for me


i'd like to encourage you to believe the tings i do fact is something's wrong inside of me at times i find it hard to see what i really want to be and that's when something snaps inside of me i was once just like you born without a fucking clue and now i live my life to be free live your life jesus christ trouble in paradise mom and dad they're not too proud of me

they're not too proud of me they're not too proud of me i'm never gonna be it's so plain to see you are not like me

look at what you've done to me a product of society confusion on your face is plain to see i don't like your attitudethink i'm lost think i'm rude your opinion's invalid to me you don't like my tatoos how does this dishonor you don't you know what's inside of me sick and tired of all the lies when will you realize i'm proud just being me yeah yeah i can't believe hopeless indecision's got a hold of me yeah yeah it's plain to see i'm a product of society there's something wrong with me there's something wrong with me never gonna be what you wanna be you are not like me


far below beneath a burning hot sun our civility's waking up hate your neighbor cause he's not your kind fell out of favor now he's out of luck get in your car fuel up and get a job you got no worries you don't care that much pass the beggars as they lie out on the street just look away and roll your windows up you don't have to worry - he's not one of us yeah

is there anyone listening to this beautiful tragedy is there anyone watching this wonderful nightmare don't care much you'd rather kill

check out johnny as he plays out in the street keeps to himself he doesn't say too much can't get along with the kids in school likes to make bombs and blow things up his mom and dad think everything's fine they got no worries they don't care that much all that tension bottled up inside one day soon now he's gonna erupt